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Drum roll please... ok now we can tell our story!

Uchenna and his wife Jennifer grew up on the beautiful island Trinidad, where everything in their back yard was fresh, natural and organic! Unfortunately, the products they got at the grocery were not, and like most of us these days, they both developed health concerns because of poor dietary choices. They know firsthand that food can solve your health problems or cause them. Thankfully, Uchenna discovered a US based Naturopathic doctor and herbalist Dr. Llaila Afrika, who taught him how to reverse his conditions through fasting, natural medicine and functional foods. 

At 23 years old he was 300 lbs, Pre-Diabetic, had high cholesterol and Arthritis! He eventually lost over 120 lbs & regained near perfect health, thanks to the changes he made. Jennifer was actually one of his first clients and she also had serious health challenges. One of those conditions was PCOS, which caused severe pain and her doctors told her it would be difficult for her to have children. Thankfully their beautiful children didn't receive that message! After just one month on our Livet PHD program she enjoyed the best health of her life, and the rest is history.

Today, Uchenna Hackett known as Dr. Livet, is a Master herbalist & Naturopathic doctor and his wife Jennifer Hackett, a Fine Artist and Vegan Chef. They founded Livet Gourmet in 2017,  the first "Trinitarian" restaurant. The rising cost of healthy ingredients made it difficult to continue their restaurant and they decided to focus their passion & expertise on creating the best tasting functional beverages.

Ujuice was first introduced in December 2018 and is the world’s first super nutrient Juice drink made with nature's most prized Herbs, Antioxidants, Vitamin D and traditional Caribbean spices. Ujuice also has the lowest sugar content of any naturally made juice drink in the Caribbean and possibly the World. We achieved all this without any artificial flavors, colors sweeteners or preservatives! 
Your body is natural and we believe your drink should be as well😎 

Experience the taste that makes your buds explode with authentic Caribbean flavor and elevates your Vitality to new heights! Did Ujuice today!

Jennifer Hackett 
​​Fine Artists & Vegan Chef

Team work, makes the dream work!

 We feel you should never have to compromise taste for optimal health! So together we created Ujuice to surpass your taste and health expectations! Great health is priceless, so get on root to the Ultimate u today with Ujuice!
Live Mighty, Eat Healthy, Livet!

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Uchenna Hackett 
​​Naturopath & Master Herbalist​